Cooperazione territoriale europea

Progetti approvati

Progetti approvati a cui partecipa l'amministrazione regionale e/o altri organismi del territorio emiliano-romagnolo

Primo bando - scadenza luglio 2015

Cesme - Circular Economy for SMEs
Compete In - Competitive territories through internationalisation: SMEs competitiveness in globalised regions
Inkrease - INnovation and Knowledge for REgional Actions and SystEms
Resolve - Sustainable mobility and the transition to a low-carbon retailing economy
RuralGrowth - Increasing competetiveness of SMEs in the rural visitor economy sector
Tris - Transition Regions towards Industrial Symbiosis


Secondo bando - scadenza 13 maggio 2016

Creadis3 - Smart Specialisation Creative Districts

EcoWaste4food - Supporting eco-innovation to reduce food waste and promote a better resource efficient economy

Eis - Everywhere International SMEs

Elise - European LIfe Science Ecosystems

FoodChains4Europe - Strengthening regional innovation policies to build sustainable food chains

Inno Infra Share - Sharing strategies for European Research and Innovation Infrastructures

InnovaSump - Innovations in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for low-carbon urban transport

Marie - MAinstreaming Responsible Innovation in European S3

Perfect - Planning for Environment and Resource eFficiency in European Cities and Towns

RaiSe - Enhancing social enterprises competitiveness through improved business support policies

Raise - Regional ActIon plans for Sustainable urban mobility in a European low carbon economy

Relos3 - From Regional to Local: Successful deployment of the Smart Specialization Strategies

School Chance - SCHOOL mobility CHAllenge in regioNal poliCiEs

String - STrategies for Regional INnovative Food Clusters

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